Monday, May 19, 2008

Puissance - Mother of Disease (Remaster 2008)

In the year 1999, while mankind sat unnaware of their fate and wondering if the moon would drift away into the far reaches of space as the XXth century came to an end, Puissance would reappear, clad in shining armour.

With the Industrial rust of early days properly polished, the Swedish duo would further explore their talent for graceful arrangements set to Militaristic Neo-Classical music. Following the overtly confrontational offerings of "Let Us Lead" and "Back In Control", Puissance were now set to resurrect the ghosts of Cold War and the obsession with all things thermonuclear that haunted the planet - the Mother of Disease, as they would call it - over that period. Brooding hymns to suicidal heroism, devotional praises to a new god that would finally bring closure to the human race, the screeching of metal twisting and melting - all of this would find its place in Puissance's own beautiful vision of the impending apocalypse, that they so ingeniously depict on "Mother of Disease".


01 - Light of a Dead Sun
02 - Reign of Dying Angels
03 - Mother of Disease
04 - In Shining Armour
05 - Post Ruin Symphony
06 - Core of Revelation
07 - Human Error
08 - The Voice of Chaos
09 - The Dancing Clowns (Bonus Track)


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