Thursday, May 22, 2008

Folkstorm - Folkmusik (2005)

The multifarious Swedish artist Henrik ‘Nordvargr’ Björkk is the Baskin-Robbins of the industrial scene, producing music in a bewildering array of different flavours with different project names, from the dark ambient of Nordvargr through the black industrial of MZ.412 to the black metal experimentalism of Vargr and the Goatvargr collaboration – not to mention his early EBM band Pouppée Fabrikk. Folkstorm represents the martial industrial aspect of Nordvargr’s oeuvre, and the project was officially declared inactive in 2001, with the fourth and final album, For The Love Of Hate, appearing the following year, Folkstorm having given way to the similar-sounding Toroidh. However, the Folkstorm brand was resurrected in 2005 with the comeback album Folkmusik, and according to the recent interview conducted with Nordvargr by Hoerikwaggo for Heathen Harvest, Folkstorm is still an ongoing concern. Quoth the man himself, “…I recorded a new track for a compilation last month, so I would not call [Folkstorm] dead anymore... just a bit slow.”

So just what sonic savagery lurks within the handsome digipack of Folkmusik, with its striking cover art in the ‘Bismarck’ colours of black, white and red? The sleeve promises us, “No politics or dogmas, no religion or faith, no standard or agenda, no mercy or regrets.” So that’s what you don’t get. What you get instead are nine tracks of surging and intense martial industrial, mixing vocal samples, heavy percussion, orchestral passages and bombardments of harsh noise, all served up with a sumptuous seasoning of that trademark Folkstorm ferocity.

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01 - Seger
02 - Ty Han Är Min Soldat
03 - In All for All
04 - God Hates Amerika
05 - Epilogue II
06 - Folkhat / Blodsmak
07 - Armed and Unemployed
08 - Ordnung
09 - Hatewave

Bonus 3''CD

01 - Folkkonst
02 - Noisient


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