Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hexentanz - Nekrocrafte (2004)

Hexentanz, literally "the witches dance," is a collaborative conception between members of The Soil Bleeds Black and Psychonaut 75, venturing to recognize the traditional Witches Sabbat as a reality in the flesh. The music and expression of Hexentanz encompasses the practice of medieval black magic. Composed with actual period instruments, synthetic ritual devices, human bones, and authentic arcane chants of medieval and modern witch cult practice, Hexentanz is a project standing alone in its exploration of archaic music and magic. The art of Hexentanz is conceived within the living tradition of left hand path practice and maintains sincerity with its elucidation of the medieval Witches Sabbat.

Stunning release. Will send chills up your spine!

01 - Midnight Procession
02 - Mark of the Witch
03 - Devil's Mass
04 - Birth is Through Blood
05 - Binding of the Shadows
06 - Profane the Twelve
07 - Bringer of the Luciferian Flame
08 - Abjuring the Cross
09 - Dirge to the Deceased



Alex said...

Thank you!
Спасибо за хороший блог!

Cheers from Ukraine:)

The Remorseless said...

Thanks for the download, I'm taking a keen interest in ritual ambience and music.

Mateus André said...

O link desse álbum está quebrado.

Parabéns pelo blog, é ótimo!

Hudas Iscariot said...

The link is dead. Can you please reupload? Thanks!