Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brighter Death Now / Coph Nia - Nunsploitation (2003)

Two swedes, a perhaps surprising couple, separately paying homage to one of the more influential swedish rockgroups, The Leather Nun. BDN most fittingly chooses to dissect "Slow death" from the old Industrial Records single with the same name, released in 1979. Truly amusing in the quieter, monotonous lofi-fashion with a nice subject matter and the mandatory ticking clock. Coph Nia gladly takes on the later dated recording "Prime mover" with arms outstretched and firm hands, the preaching nature of the song a goldmine for singers of sin.

01 - Brighter Death Now - Slow Death (Slox Mix)
02 - Coph Nia - Prime Mover (Sex Mix)


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Iván Villavicencio said...

Thanks.... very interesting split...!!!