Sunday, May 25, 2008

Negru Voda - From Liquid Steel to Frozen Metal (2002)

From the CMI website: "Megaptera died, but not Peter Nyström, nor did Negru Voda. Eleven months after the farwell 2CD by Megaptera, "Beyond the Massive Darkness", and nine months after the comeback split 10" with des Esseintes, Negru Voda returns with another vinyl offer. This release is also a taste of what we can expect from Negru Voda in the future. The first side, "Under The Ice", is a dark rhythmic travel penetrating the ice, drilling through the water, down the abyss. The Nyström factory works double shifts, the drums are pounding, and the noises from the drones turning your bowels inside out! Flip the vinyl, and find "The Ghost at Leftwood Lake", a theme for the dark and mystical pictures of the sleeve. Look at them and listen to the whispering voices from the shadows and feel the crawling horror under your skin. A celebration of the dark forces hiding around Leftwood Lake at night! The whole set is a beautiful gatefold sleeve, limited to 600 copies.

This release shows that Negru Voda is no longer a side project. Negru Voda is here to stay as Peter's main project, and remember: he did not die..."

01 - Under the Ice
02 - The Ghost at Leftwood Lake


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