Saturday, June 7, 2008

Various - ...And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth and Tongue Wherever Shelter Was Given (1995)

Yet another Cold Meat Industry compilation, and one of my faves. In "...And Even Wolves..." the music styles are quite varied; from the medieval/neoclassical sounds of Arcana to the death industrial of Mz.412, and from the eerie dark ambient of Aghast to the isolationist mood of Ordo Equilibrio. Enjoy.

Let our dreams become your nightmares!

01 - Arcana - The Song of Mourning
02 - Raison d'être - Euphrosyne
03 - Ordo Equilibrio - Reaping the Fallen... The First Harvest
04 - Mortiis - En Mørk Horisont (excerpt)
05 - Aghast - Enter the Hall of Ice
06 - Mz.412 - God of Fifty Names
07 - Mental Destruction - Wound
08 - Ildfrost - That I May Drink, and Leave the World Unseen
09 - ConSono - Beyond the Ocean
10 - Desiderii Marginis - Solemn Descent
11 - Atomine Elektrine - Voices of Trinity
12 - Memorandum - New Primitivism
13 - Morthound - Whole End (excerpt)
14 - Deutsch Nepal - Gourge Free Market
15 - Brighter Death Now - Soul in Flames (excerpt)


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Anonymous said...

Salud y un corazón justo.

Desde hace más de seis áños estaba en búsqueda de la compilación Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth. Ahora gracia a ti lo he encontrado.
Tengo un blog, que está por ser construido, espero en algún momento devolver el favor.

Deseándo la mejor de las fortunas y todo el amor de los universos.