Friday, June 6, 2008

Schwadron - Operation Gomorrha (2004)

"An interesting combination of Power Electronics, dark ambient and some minimal "Martial industrial" summarize as a whole this work from Schwadron.
The variety of strategics used on the record is what makes it different (something not easy to obtain with the monochromatic and monolithic structure of just Power Electronics).
The music sometimes is very peaceful and tranquil but always with this background of darkness and sorrow. Then suddenly comes some brutal assault of noise and distorted voice that later will be switched by some minimal but ultra powerful drumming like beat that reminds us some typical martial industrial influence, that would be the general mood and balance of the record."

01 - Tribut
02 - Dunst
03 - Nur die Toten wissen
04 - Vorwärts!
05 - Lautreamont
06 - Mistral
07 - In Ketten
08 - Kinder des Saturn
09 - Tribut 2
10 - Operation Gomorrha
11 - Germanium (Interpretation)


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