Thursday, October 9, 2008

Green Army Fraction - Conservative and Full of Hate (2004)

Power electronics project from Sweden. Harsh industrial sounds mixed with offensive vocals. The result is powerful music which is truly against the modern world with all it’s false myths and false hopes.

01 - Vi Kommer Dansande
02 - Conservative and Full of Hate
03 - Ta Er Jämlikhet Och Kör Upp Den
04 - The Grief and Wrath of Donar
05 - A.C.A.B.
06 - Last Attempt (Stuka)
07 - Let Us Shine
08 - Sodomizing the Gyneococracy
09 - Älgstängsel Och Granskog (Hem Till Norrland)


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Svartvit said...

If you like this release please consider posting mine:

It's a tour-release for a 9-day tour that I'm doing in a few days. It's on tape but I'm sharing the downloads as always. If anyone can pitch in some money that would be great but free downloads rule the world.

These two tracks are focussing on all the unjust that is done to (anarchist) political prisoners and the fake solidarity that a lot of people show with activists, living off the enthousiasm and then backing out when needed. When someone gets imprisoned for their beliefs not only the first few months matter, they need full-time support. These things turn out to be even more important when people get frauded into jail just for owning some anarchist literature.

The record is on mediafire, bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, and after tour leftover copies of the tape will be for sale. All the info on it can be found there. I'm also quite active on the facebookpage.!/pages/Svartvit/140330772690604